Wednesday August 31st, 2011

We have received the internet box today; it arrived straight to Francois’ office. We didn’t need to go to the provider’s office! We just filled an application online and 1 week later we received the box. All we need to do now it install it home and we’re good to go. In Lebanon this doesn’t … Continue reading

Monday August 29th, 2011

“C’est la rentrée!” It’s back to school! The vacation is over! Too many signs point to this here in Roubaix. First of all, it’s cold! Even though it’s sunny outside, but it’s starting to be really chilly; you can feel that fall is very near. On the weather in the news tonight it was sunny … Continue reading

Sunday August 28th, 2011

My friend Richard asked me yesterday: “Do people in France walk fast as they do in London?” and this has reminded me of a new subject I should be talking about: fast walking. People in here do walk fast. They have to, they’re going to work they don’t wanna miss the subway. But the funny … Continue reading

Friday August 26th, 2011

I don’t know if this happens to you, but it happens to me a lot: since we’re used to hearing people speaking English and/or French in Lebanon, but we consider it weird from the people who do it all the time (at least I consider it this way), when I travel to France or the … Continue reading

Thursday August 25th, 2011

The main subject on the news tonight in France was the increase of the unemployment rate for the month of July. Seriously? I’m no expert but from what I have seen so far I can see several areas that can use employees, and I’ll tell you about them. The first one I have mentioned to … Continue reading

Tuesday August 23rd, 2011

Do you know these winter nights where the thunder wakes you several times at night? And then when your alarm rings you open your eyes and you see it’s still dark and raining so you pull over the duvet and go back to sleep (and then eventually arrive late to work)? Well this morning was … Continue reading

Monday August 22nd, 2011

Today’s blog is reserved for ladies, sorry guys; I promise I’ll try to write something special for you another time 🙂 Ladies, it is important you read this post if you’re moving to France, or coming to spend here quite some time. We all know that in Lebanon we have the luxury of pampering ourselves … Continue reading

Sunday August 21st, 2011

It’s Sunday today; and everything is closed in France. EVERYTHING? Yes! Everything! Since we were so busy with the house yesterday, we did not get time to go buy food; we said we’ll go this morning to the supermarket and get everything we need for the whole week. Well our dream did not come true. … Continue reading

Saturday August 20th, 2011

Phases 1 and 2 are done. We have mounted the desk and the chair today. It took us about 2 hours and a half. We started slowly, but eventually we got a hand of it and we became pro’s 😛 I even helped! Can you believe it? It was fun actually; it’s just like building … Continue reading

Friday August 19th, 2011

Long live Sweden! And long live Ingvar Kamprad! If you don’t know who this is, this is the founder of Ikea. I had heard a lot about Ikea, from my friends who moved to France, from the TV, from a case study we took in a marketing class at university, but I have never been … Continue reading