Wednesday August 3rd, 2011

Today is my third day in Roubaix.

I’m starting this blog just now because I just had the idea of it 🙂 Don’t worry I’ll keep you posted on the important stuff that happened before at some point in the future.

It’s now 9:17pm and it’s still day outside. Actually it’s pink; the sun will be down soon.

 It’s not my first visit to France, so I know that it gets dark late at night. But this is my first experience while living in here.

In Lebanon usually in summer it gets dark around 8pm, so there are about 2 more hours of full day that you can benefit from to do whatever you’d like! That’s really something. It sure allows the busy people to accomplish more work.

Personally this is affecting my sleeping habits. I like to sleep early, so when you see it’s still day outside you would keep thinking that it’s still early to go to bed. Then you look at the time and you notice it’s midnight!! Too much for sleeping early :-S

The highlight of my day was at noon. I was sitting on the desk working, Francois was preparing lunch (it was his turn today), when the “air raid siren” starts. Do you know in the movies about World War II the big siren sound that goes off to prevent people that the Germans are attacking? This is it! The siren in Roubaix is turned on every first Wednesday of the month. I’m not sure why, I think it’s just to make sure the sirens are in a good shape in case an attack really happens.

But let me tell you, this was the creepiest sound I have ever heard! I lived during wars in Beirut, but we never had this (even in 2006 when Israel was attacking with airplanes we never heard this sound). It’s a good thing Francois was with me to explain to me that this is just a test! I hope I won’t be having bad dreams about this thing tonight :-S

The second important part of today was that we had a home visit. We’re currently living in a corporate apartment, the deal with the company was that we get an apartment for ourselves and they pay for it. The place we saw today is very nice. I’m not gonna speak about it now; we’re still not sure we’ll be able to get it. We still have a lot of paper work to do since we both have temporary visas in France so the rent contract has to be made in the company’s name. We’ll see what will happen. I will talk about the apartment once we get it; I do not want to jinx it.

Wow…too much to talk about for the first day!   I’m gonna go read in my book now and then go to bed.

See you tomorrow!


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