Thursday August 4th, 2011

It was sunny when we woke up today, it was even warm. I was able to open the windows so that the cleaned clothes could dry out quickly.

But I guess the weather is something not stable in Roubaix. In the afternoon the sky was gray, the wind started blowing heavily, and it started raining. Not small summer drops, big winter rain! Thank God in France you don’t put the clothes out to dry, you have to keep them inside the house. I just had to close the windows.

Roubaix in the rain

Francois did not come for lunch today. He was busy at the office. I heated some of yesterday’s left over’s and had my lunch sitting at the window looking at the people on the street.

It’s interesting to look at how people drive around a roundabout. Too many rules: drive at the green light, priority to the car coming from the left, etc… In Lebanon it’s definitely easier, only one rule applies: It’s always my turn to pass. No matter which way you’re coming from, you want to go in before the others. You can imagine the stress each time you have to go through this suffering! And you have to stay alert from all sides because cars might come jumping in front of yours at any time. Now you understand why it was interesting to learn (from the 7th floor) how the system should actually work.

Suddenly, I hear honking. I look out…what?! A truck just went through a red light and crossed the tramway rail!! Just in front of a passing tramway!!! So much for a working system …

 The rain didn’t stop us from going out for dinner tonight. It does not rain inside the subway does it? 😛 I’ll have to show you pictures of the subway in Roubaix; much cleaner than anything you will see in Paris. They even have background music!!

On the menu for tonight: “Salad and Co.”. Very hip restaurant with a cool concept: get your card on your way in, and enjoy free-refill salad from the bar (mine is in the picture). You can also have plancha: just choose the ingredients, and give them to the chef he’ll cook them for you in front of you. To top it all: fill your cup with any ice cream flavor from the 6 or 7 available choices. Just don’t forget to pay before you leave:  Only 11 euros for the salad (including desert and drink), and 15 euros for the plancha Pretty cheap I think.

Salad & Co.


My Salade from the bar

Do you think such a restaurant would work in Lebanon? It should. It just has to be in a business district because people will go there mainly for lunch. In Lebanon people like to take their time at meals; for example a family lunch on Sunday can stay till 4-5pm! Diner does not last that long, but us Lebanese like to sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy a 3-course meal, while chatting and sipping our drink. Do you imagine us sitting at “Salad & Co.” for 3 hours in front of a salad or a small plancha meal? This will definitely not work.

See? I told you time flies in France! It’s already 11:45pm. Bed Time!

See you tomorrow!


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