Friday August 5th, 2011

I have been married for only 3 months now. I haven’t really experienced married life; At least not the part where you sit on your own table in your own house and enjoy your own cooking (or your husband’s). The thing is that in Lebanon people are too attached to their families; you do not leave your nest until your married. And even then, you are still attached to your parents and visit them very often (a bit too often in my opinion (sorry mum)).

So because of this, the newlyweds don’t really cook. You always have your mother or your mother –in-law do the cooking for you: “What? You want to cook? What for? When I got married I didn’t cook for 1 year! Come and take food, I made kebbeh. You like kebbeh!” So each day, on my way to work, I used to pass by my mum’s house and take my lunch (I do love my mum’s kebbeh and I don’t like to see my mum sad :D).

But now that I’m thousand kilometers away, I can’t do this. So Francois and I have to manage. And the good thing is that Francois is coming for lunch at home, so I don’t have to cook for myself or eat by myself.

All this introduction to tell you that today I cooked 😀 It was my first real meal, made from A to Z by me: Philadelphia steak with rice (instead of having it in a sandwich; it’s much healthier). Here is the result:

Philadelphia Steak + Rice

Closer look on the phily

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. My cooking usually revolves around eggs: scrambled eggs, omelet, or just boiled eggs. So you see why this was a big step for me. Plus it was good! I could see it on Francois’ face (or he was probably too hungry he’ll eat anything :P)

It’s going to be a small article today; nothing much to tell you. We’re gonna have an early sleep, to be in shape for the week end.

You’re probably wondering how come I don’t do much during my day; the thing is that I’m working from home. The decision to come to France came suddenly, so I couldn’t leave my job just like this. Plus our stay is just temporary, so this way I can have a job to go to when I get back to Beirut. This is why I don’t go out much during the day; I’m just sitting on my desk working.

But I have decided to go do some tourism in Roubaix this week end, so I promise you a lot of pictures and juicy stories for tomorrow and Sunday!

See you tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Friday August 5th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Next time you cook a dish, please include the receipe:) seems yummy!! Way to go sandraaaaaaa

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