Saturday August 6th, 2011

I’m sick! Of course I will be in this @&$ weather!!!

Do you remember yesterday I promised I will do some tourism in the city today? Well I did. But not as much as I wanted to.
We woke up, had breakfast, and off we went!
First step: “Office de tourisme”. Like the name says, this is the first place to go to when you want more info about a city. The lady was really nice, talks to us about the most interesting places to see in Roubaix, mentioned that she prefers the Lebanese tabouleh to the Moroccan, and gave us all the papers and brochures we could use.
Second step: lunch. After all it’s 1:30pm and soon in France they won’t serve us food anymore.
Third step: “Musée de la piscine”. This an old public pool turned into a museum and art exhibition gallery. Quite impressive! You can check for yourself.

From the outside

The pool (turned into a fountain now), with the sculptures around it

Changing cabins

Shower + changing room

The exhibition taking place now is for different artists that had their paintings or sculptures in the area before, grouped in one place. I’m not really an art connoisseur, so this visit went really quickly for me, but I was really impressed by the pool, the old baths and changing cabins. Too bad it’s closed now. I would have spent my days there; especially when it’s raining (which is everyday! :@)

So to continue my story, we were inside the gallery doing our visit, when we hear water. I say to myself this is probably the pool that I hear. But no…it was too good to be true. It was heavily raining outside! It was sunny wen we came in, and now it was raining!!!
We thought, ok, it’ fine. We’ll have a coffee and wait for it to stop then we’ll leave. Which happened.
But just before we got home, it started raining again!!!! It rained for about 2h!!!! Non-stop!!!!!
No need to tell you that we stayed home for the second consecutive night. Too bad we were, during the day, trying to look for places to go have diner in 😦
Resolution of the day: keep the fridge and the closets filled with food and drinks for nights like this (I have the feeling we’re gonna have a lot more of those)

I’m thinking of changing my blog’s name. I’m going to call it: the weather in Roubaix. What do you think. It looks like it will be all I will be speaking about from now on: rain…sun….rain….rain again….sun…. The weather changes as much as I change my mind when I’m in a restaurant! Chicken….steak…pizza….no chicken….

Oh no I remembered I do have something else to tell you today!
It turned out on saturday there’s a market next to our house!

The market at "La Grande Place" in Roubaix

You only see the clothes stands in the picture, but actually there were people selling fruits, vegetables, flowers, pork meet, etc…
We bought our vegetable portion for the week 😀
I’m so happy I won’t have to go far to get my fruits and vegetables. I just need to go to the market on Saturday. I found all that I needed and even more.
The only thing I could not find are zucchinis small as the ones we have in Lebanon. In here 1 zucchini has the size of 2 ones back home. I’ll have to improvise to cook with these.

That’s it for today. Another early night for me. I hope we’ll be able to continue our walk tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Saturday August 6th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Don’t be that harsh!!! Haven’t you seen “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” 😛
    It’s not that bad:)

  2. et voilà says:

    hi! it was so nice to see your blog! I have just arrived to France (from Portugal) 20 days ago and I also have a blog of my experiences. Unfortunately it’s mainly in Portuguese and you will not understand a thing!
    I was also at the Braderie… lol coincidences!
    Hope you and your husband a nice stay in France! Enjoy!

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