Sunday August 7th, 2011

It’s really nice to enjoy a day at home on Sunday; even if it’s sunny outside.
Some “farniente” from time to time is good for anybody.

We didn’t actually just relax at home; it was cleaning day today. I was ironing the clothes and Francois was cleaning the house. Of course the TV was constantly on while we were doing that.

Have you ever watched TV in France? Good for you if you haven’t!!

In Lebanon we have a few national channels, but most of the people (at least most of the people I know) don’t watch these. We watch the satellite channels where they put movies, series, sit-coms, etc… On the national channels they just have documentaries, local series with local actors, news, etc…

Well in France there are no satellite channels. There are, but you have to pay for them. You would have to pay the same price you’re paying for TV + Internet + Phone (right now we’re paying 29.99 euros), maybe a bit more.

So you can imagine if you’re poor expats like us, your company paying for your TV, what you can watch on TV. I’ll give you a few examples (translation of the titles and explanation is between parenthesis): “L’amour est dans le près” (love is in the field; it’s a reality TV show about a farmer wanting to meet his soul mate); “Madonna, la vraie hisoire” (Madonna, the true story; no explanation needed I suppose).

The list is long, but you have an idea of the fun we had last night staying at home…

This is why tonight we decided to go to the movies. It used to be kind of a habit when we were in Lebanon that Sunday night we go to the movies, so we thought why not keep it up here. But it might be more difficult to do so.

First of all, most of the movies are in French. What, people in here don’t know how to read? In Lebanon all the movies are in their original language, and subtitled in Arabic and French. I guess in France they want to keep the Movies opened to everybody. Ok fine.

Second, we paid 25.30 Euros to watch 1 movie, enjoy popcorn and 2 bottles of water. No wonder the theater was empty. 25?!??!?! WHAT? Thank God the movie is not 3D, we would have paid more!!

It’s probably not that expensive, I don’t know. I’m constantly changing the money from Euros to Dollars, since we’re still getting paid in Dollars both of us. And with the exchange rate these days, I tell you the numbers are not pretty.

Anyway, enough complaints for 1 day…

So, 1 week down already! Wow that was fast! So far it’s been nice. I hope it will remain like this, and I hope I will still have the enthusiasm to keep you updated.

Until then, have a good night 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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