Tuesday August 9th, 2011

I’m sorry I did not write to you yesterday.  I was too sick to do it; I was even too sick to have anything to write about. Francois made me a tasty asparagus soup for dinner and I went straight to bed.

I am feeling much better today, thank you. And we were able to go out for dinner at night.

I was even able to cook lunch 🙂

I prepared a Lebanese dish called “Loubieh Bzet”, which is a meal made of green beans in a tomato sauce.

Green beans in a tomato sauce (in arabic "Loubieh bzet")

For a first try it wasn’t really good. We do not have a pressure cooker so they were taking a long time to cook, and Francois had to go back to work so we ate them before they were really well done. But the taste was fine. Next time I’ll note that I’ll need to keep them at least for 3 hours on the heat.

For dinner we went to a nice French restaurant in Roubaix called “La Fonderie” (http://www.fonderie-roubaix.com/). It’s an old iron melting factory (thus the name “fonderie”) turned into a restaurant. These are the pictures of the dishes I had.

La Fonderie-Inside the restaurant

Entree (oups sorry I ate it before I took the picture :D)

Main dish: Gamba a la plancha + Risotto (yammyyyy)

You know what I like the most in France? You do not need a car in here. You can go by public transportation to wherever you’d like, and you can also walk there. In Lebanon you cannot live without a car.

For example tonight it took us 5 minutes in the subway, and then 3 minutes walking to get to the restaurant. In Lebanon, most nice restaurants are in Beirut. So you have at least 20 minutes ride by car (that is if there isn’t any traffic (which is very rare)); then you will need to search for a place to park your car which can take another 5-10 minutes depending on the area and on the time. I know subways or public transportation means can be problematic if it’s raining. But in other days it’s the best solution when you’re living in the city.

I have friends living in Paris, they always complain about the crowd in the subway at peak hours. I’ve been in Roubaix for 10 days, and not 1 day has passed by when I could not find a place to sit in the subway. I don’t know if it’s because everybody is on vacation now or if it’s always the case in here. I’ll get back to you on this in a month. I still owe you pictures of the stations in Roubaix and Lille also so that you can compare to the ones in Paris (or New York if you have every taken the subway there); I’ll try to do this soon.

Until then, I’ll keep you with your thoughts about melting iron and running subways 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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