Wednesday August 10th, 2011

We had a French-Lebanese night tonight: drinks, chips and friends (this is Lebanese), sausage and frozen pizza (this is French (or at least not Lebanese); oh and the wine was French. Plus in Lebanon the pizza would have been home cooked or freshly baked at the bakery).

Ok, back to business….

Do you remember yesterday I was telling you how I liked the public transportation in France? Francois arrived home for lunch today complaining about them :S “I hate public transportation! I hate buses! I want my car back!”.  He was complaining about an old lady nagging about her daughter out loud in front of everybody at 8h30 in the morning, and then he got at the bus stop on time, but it turned out that the bus stop was moved because of work, so by the time he got to the new stop the bus has already left and he had to wait for 20 minute for the next one!

Either the reason is that I haven’t been here for long to experience the bad side of things, or you have to always look at things with good intentions. We have a saying in Arabic that applies to this: “اضحك تضحك لك الدنيا” (smile and the world will smile for you).

I have experienced another side of Roubaix today which also applies to this saying. When I first told my friends who live in France that I was going to Roubaix for a while, they were all not very delighted with the idea. I never really understood why. I know there are a lot of “non-french natives” (very nazi expression isn’t it. Sorry about that) in the area, but for me this is not a reason to dislike the city. It turned out for some people it would be; I’ll try to explain why.

We did not want to go out for dinner tonight, so we decided to go to the supermarket get a few stuff and get back home and cook. This will also be the occasion for me to leave home and see some people after sitting alone at home all day working. Since we did not feel like going to a far place, we decided to go to Casino Geant, the supermarket in the middle of Roubaix. It turned out this is the place where all the population I have been warned of went to. And it turned out that you can really feel the difference between this store and the ones we went to before: the floor was all dirty, kids running around, not a French person in the whole store maybe.

My intention is not to be racist, or to speak bad things about one of the group of citizens living in France; not at all! My whole point is to show you how the world will appear differently depending on how you will look at it. I’m just a visitor in this country; I’ll be leaving as fast as I came in. So for me, if I did not like the store I would not go to it; if I did not like some area in the city because I don’t like the people there, I don’t go to it. But it does not mean that I will cast the whole city because of a prejudice I have! It’s a very nice city actually, this side of it is just a small portion.

Too much boring stuff to speak about today I suppose. I hope tomorrow I’ll have more interesting stuff to tell you about France and more pictures to show you.

See you tomorrow!


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