Thursday August 11th, 2011

Guess what?? We got the apartment!!!!! Yipeeeeee!

Francois went to the agency today and they gave him the rent contract. Tomorrow he has to go back with the signed papers and they will give him the key.

This brings a very important subject into the table: difference in the apartments between Lebanon and France.

We have an apartment in Lebanon. It’s an average size nice apartment; average in Lebanese terminology: it’s around 145m2. When we decided to get it, we took our parents to see it. Their first reaction was “isn’t it a bit small?”. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 living room (and a balcony with a sea view). It should be enough don’t you think?

Well Lebanese people don’t think it’s enough. Apartments usually start at 200 m2. You have to have room in your home! What if you feel like playing football one day and it’s raining? You have space at home to do it!

Let’s move to France. The apartment we are staying in right now has 1 small kitchen opened to a living room area, 1 bedroom and no balconies at all. I think it should be 60-70 m2. Let me tell you that for an apartment in France this thing is, I will not say big, but it’s a very good size. Personally I think for a couple it’s the perfect place. You do not need more than this! The only bad side is that you won’t be able to play football if it’s raining 😛 The place we’ll be moving into has even a smaller living room area! And it’s still enough for a couple. Why do we need the extra rooms?

I’ll tell you the real deal behind the story: in France it’s cheaper (I think) to rent a house. And then if you have kids and don’t fit in it anymore, you can just go and rent another one. Well in Lebanon rent is REALLY expensive. People think that instead of paying this much for a house that they will have to leave eventually, why not just buy a new one that will be theirs. And since they’re buying, and they’re not going to do this every 2-3 years, why don’t they buy a big house for the days when the family will be bigger. This is where the love of big apartments comes from (IMHO).

All of this to tell you that next week you will be getting pictures of the new apartment; so stay tuned!

The other highlight of the day was lunch. Today I cooked one of my personal favorite Lebanese dish: “Koussa mehchi” or Stuffed Zucchini. It’s the first time I try this meal and it was a success. I’m so proud of myself!!!

Koussa mehshi (with stuffed tomato in the middle)

However I tried to make some stuffed tomatoes with them, these did not really work so I will not try them again.

That’s it for today; I’m gonna go sleep and dream of how I will decorate my new apartment. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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  1. […] it was really yummy. This is the second dish I try and it works from the first time (remember the stuffed zucchini?); I will definitely repeat it again, and next time I will do it as it should be. Now I know that […]

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