Monday August 15th, 2011

I think I found it: summer is shy in France; it needs some time to show up. Today, August 15th 2011 it really felt like summer for first time in two weeks (according to Francois even more than that).

Two weeks!!! Wow! Can you believe it?! I can’t. If I’m still this enthusiast after one month I’ll celebrate with champagne. I promise you this.

So we woke up today, had a big breakfast, and went to the new apartment to clean it. I promised you some pictures, I got them. But don’t expect to distinguish much since it’s still empty. I’ll get you more once we decorate the place.

Building entrance

Living room



Inner court (seen from the living room window)

48m2 used till the last drop; pretty amazing. The region seems very quiet and calm. There is even a small garden inside the building; I would probably spend some of my days in there. We can see it from our window. In the neighborhood there is only our building; all the others are small houses with small gardens. I think it’s because we’re living in the suburbs of Croix (it’s the new town we will be living in; it’s 5 minutes from Roubaix) and not in the center.

The difference between the apartments in Lebanon and the ones in France is that in here the walls are too thin. You can hear almost everything from the apartments surrounding you. You don’t hear it clearly, but you hear some sound. If your neighbor has the TV on you can hear it; if they go to the bathroom you can hear it. So no matter how calm the neighborhood is, you are never in your privacy because any loud sound can be heard by others. I guess in this case you can really say that walls have ears. The only time in Lebanon I heard a voice coming from the apartment next door was when the lady was having a fight with her husband; they were shouting and the baby was crying in the other room.

The best thing about this new place is the bathroom. I don’t know if you have ever been into apartments in France, but these people have a problem with designing their bathrooms: the WC is not in the same place as the bathroom; it’s in a small room by itself. There isn’t even a sink to wash your hands when you finish doing your stuff. What’s the story? They do not feel the need to clean their hands when they go to the toilet??? Well our problem is solved in the new place: the WC is in the same place as the sink and the bath tub!! This was mainly what made us fall in love with the place 😛

This long week end is done; back to the routine of work days tomorrow 😦

See you tomorrow!

4 Responses to “Monday August 15th, 2011”
  1. The sister says:

    Just for the record, and sorry to ruin your joy, but there is no summer in France. So don’t get too excited if you think that now the summer has begun, because it might be cold and rainy tomorrow or in two days. And then again sunny and hot after that and so on until the long cold winter… It’s very unpredictable…

  2. Jou says:

    Amen to the WC problem with the Frenchies! Hygiene is an exotic concept to them!!

  3. Jou says:

    Btw, congratulations on the apartment! But … you know … no rush guys, take your time moving in 😛

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