Tuesday August 16th, 2011

Long live technology and high bandwidth internet!

I already told you before that we have a limited budget for internet and TV at home because Francois’ company is paying for it. But let me tell you, that compared to Lebanon, it’s not limited at all.

In France you buy an internet package, and you get with it internet TV and a phone line. Additional services come with these, like for example special call fees for some countries. Well imagine that today I did a 45 minutes call to the US FOR FREE!! I did not pay any dime. If I was in Lebanon this would have cost around 20$; while now in France we’re paying 40 Euros for the whole package!!

And it’s not over yet! Check this:

iPod software update

Last time I tried to update my iPod software in Lebanon it was running for 30 minutes and then the IT guy in the office cut off my connection because I was using the whole bandwidth! Well today I did in less than 10 minutes and I did not affect my work!

I’m still too amazed. If any of you needs any update don’t hesitate to tell me about it; I can get it for you in no time 😛

On another end, lunch today was prepared by Francois 😀 Vegetarian lasagna.

Lasagna plate

Lasagna portion

Hmmm…. Very tasty. I’m usually no fan of anything related to pasta, but this was really nice. We still have more in the fridge for when we won’t feel like cooking 🙂

 That’s it for today. I finished writing my post and Francois did not choose his word in Scrabble! I’m gonna go help him.

See you tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Tuesday August 16th, 2011”
  1. The husband says:

    At least I won the game!

  2. tania says:

    Bravo Husband!!! Lentement mais surement hahahahah

  3. tania says:

    Bravo Husband!!!:P Lentement mais surement ahahahahah

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