Saturday August 20th, 2011

Phases 1 and 2 are done. We have mounted the desk and the chair today. It took us about 2 hours and a half. We started slowly, but eventually we got a hand of it and we became pro’s 😛 I even helped! Can you believe it? It was fun actually; it’s just like building a giant LEGO desk. Just follow the instructions and voila! We should continue tomorrow with the rest. You can check our achievements of the day:

Desk (with the garden view. Very inspiring for my blog :P)

Mounted Chair

I was thinking more about Ikea today and why it wouldn’t work, and I figured out why: Lebanese like people, they like to be surrounded by them, discuss with them, fight with them, etc… they just like human contact. Whereas French people don’t; they just like themselves and don’t really care about anybody else.

I’ll tell you what happened with us today to prove you I’m right. We went to Conforama to buy a couch. This is one of those big stores with lots of sale. We found one we like, and since it was the last one in store we could just carry it and go. So we paid and went to the delivery area to get it. A guy came with a trolley and our couch on it, he asked Francois if we have a car that can contain it, he said yes, so he delivered it to our minivan’s back door, helped Francois carry it up in there, and left. That was the last we saw of him. Francois and I stayed for half an hour (I’m not exaggerating), trying to fit the couch in the back of the minivan; turning it and turning it, lifting it a bit, putting it back down, we tried everything! And the funniest part is that half the store’s employees went out for a cigarette break, and none offered to help; they were just looking at us trying to figure out what we’re doing!

Let’s imagine the same situation in Lebanon: the guy comes in with the trolley, asks the same question, and then delivers the couch till the car. Up until here we’re on the same page. But then, the guy STAYS and helps Francois to fit the thing in the minivan! And when the employees come out for their cigarette break, they will ALL come and try and help! Everyone will just have to say something, throw an idea at least, of how we can solve our problem! They can’t just stand there look at you; Lebanese are not like this. They like to help.

That’s why stores like this cannot work in Lebanon. We need the personal contact! When we were furnishing our home back in Lebanon, we chose the furniture together. But when they were delivered to our home, Francois was back in France. So I had to open the door for the delivery guys and make sure they had everything right. At some point I even asked them to move some other stuff because they were too heavy for me to carry them; and they did it gladly. If this was happening in France, the guy would have just looked at me with surprise (“Are you serious? I’m not paid to do this!”), turned in back and left. In France also you have the option of sparing yourself this half a second with a delivery guy in your home: you can just rent a van from the store and take your purchases yourself home. Well this option is also beneficial because sometimes the delivery costs as much as your purchases! But in Lebanon they do it for free! It’s one of these added values to your store; one of things that will make people chose you instead of your opponent.

I wrote too much today, I’m sure I’ve bored you. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how the rest of the furniture will look like once out of the boxes 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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