Sunday August 21st, 2011

It’s Sunday today; and everything is closed in France. EVERYTHING? Yes! Everything!

Since we were so busy with the house yesterday, we did not get time to go buy food; we said we’ll go this morning to the supermarket and get everything we need for the whole week. Well our dream did not come true. All the supermarkets we know were closed. Even some of the restaurants close on Sunday! Can you believe it? In Lebanon people wait for the week end and for the holidays to make profit, and in here people just don’t care about profit. As long as they are making enough money to live they’re fine with it. What a different way of looking at life!

I don’t need to tell you that our fridge is still empty. Thank god we still had a tomato, an eggplant, some broccoli, a piece of chicken and risotto so that Francois can prepare us a nice meal for lunch.

Francois' risotto meal (yammy)

In the afternoon we went to the new apartment to continue mounting the furniture. 2.5 hours and we could not finish the bed; we had to stop because we were going to the movies in the evening. Plus the tools we have are elementary, so they were not helping us move faster (actually they were not helping us at all, I got blisters all over my fingers. I hope they will go away tomorrow so that I can continue work. I’m gonna show you the result of the bed so far, even though it’s not over yet.

Half mounted bed (the rest to be continued tomorrow)

That’s it for today. Tomorrow starts my fourth week in France. Time is moving really fast, mainly thanks to this blog 🙂 I hope I will always have things to talk about 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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