Monday August 22nd, 2011

Today’s blog is reserved for ladies, sorry guys; I promise I’ll try to write something special for you another time 🙂

Ladies, it is important you read this post if you’re moving to France, or coming to spend here quite some time.

We all know that in Lebanon we have the luxury of pampering ourselves and taking care of our body for cheap. Well in France you have to forget about this! Before coming here, you have to make sure you know how to do everything that beautifies your body.

When I was in Lebanon I used to pay 10$ for a manicure (and this is considered a high price). In Roubaix, you pay around 20 Euros for this (i.e. 30$)!! Three times more! I’m not sure what a pedicure or a depilation session might cost, and I don’t think I feel like I need to know. And this is in Roubaix; in Paris it’s more expensive for sure.

So if you’re a poor employee getting paid in dollars but living in a Euro country, you can forget about having someone else do these tasks for you; you have to start doing them yourself. Another option would be to do as these girls I see in the subway: do it once per year 😛 Go have your pedicure in the beginning of the summer, and keep it during three months. If it starts to be diluted, never mind; just leave it as is, after some time it will disappear by itself. I don’t know if French guys find this sexy, but I know I do not like to see my nails half polished so this is not an option for me.

Personally I don’t have a problem taking care of my nails, but epilating my eye brows… that’s another story. I’m thinking of doing as my cousin did: he was invited to a wedding but he did not know how to tie his tie, so he searched for a youtube movie to help him 😀 I think I’m gonna do the same now to learn how to epilate my eye brows without messing them up 😛

Another tip I have for you today: in here the weather is very, very dry. So even if you’re already using a hydrating cream usually, it will not work in here. You have to get a stronger one. I kept using my cream, putting and putting on my hands each half hour; until I got fed up and bought one for “extra dry skin” (usually I have a normal skin), and this one if finally doing the job.

That’s it for today; it’s already late and I have to wake up early tomorrow to start work.

See you tomorrow!

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