Tuesday August 23rd, 2011

Do you know these winter nights where the thunder wakes you several times at night? And then when your alarm rings you open your eyes and you see it’s still dark and raining so you pull over the duvet and go back to sleep (and then eventually arrive late to work)?

Well this morning was like this…except that today is August 23rd and not December 23rd!!!!!

I can’t believe this country! And then in the afternoon the sun was back, and it was warm again.

And then at night it started raining again!! This is crazy!

By the way, it’s true that lack of sun makes you depressive. You don’t feel like working, you don’t fell like doing anything actually; I have experienced it today… until it was lunch time and I got hungry so I had to cook; this brought back the spirit.

On the menu today: Kibbeh. For those of you who do not know it, this is a Lebanese dish made of meat and bourghoul (a kind of semolina used in a lot of Lebanese dishes). I did not do it as it should be, because I was not sure that the bourghoul and meat I bought yesterday will work. So I tried it, and it was really yummy. This is the second dish I try and it works from the first time (remember the stuffed zucchini?); I will definitely repeat it again, and next time I will do it as it should be. Now I know that if some day I feel like quitting work and staying home to take care of my family, at least I can cook nice and healthy food for them 😛

Kebbeh (a bit dark, I'm still not used to the oven)

To accompany the main dish we had a yogurt salad with cucumbers (also Lebanese) and a plate of hommos (also Lebanese). I found the hommos box yesterday in the supermarket. It’s even a Lebanese brand! The only thing missing with lunch today was an ice cold Almaza 😛

Yogurt and cucumber salad (Francois did this one)

Hommos (pre-prepared in a can; just need to add oil, lemon and salt)

What do you think? Does it look appetizing? The only bad point is that I heated the oven too much so they were over cooked. But the taste remained the same. Even the smell, it was like I was home and mum was cooking it 😀

See you tomorrow!

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