Monday August 29th, 2011

“C’est la rentrée!” It’s back to school! The vacation is over! Too many signs point to this here in Roubaix.

First of all, it’s cold! Even though it’s sunny outside, but it’s starting to be really chilly; you can feel that fall is very near. On the weather in the news tonight it was sunny in all of France, except in Nord-pas-de-Calais there was a black cloud next to the sun :S

Second, they’ve been telling it on the TV and radio for a month. This week end in here it was “Le week-end de la Rentrée” (back to school week end). It means that all stores were open on Sunday, and most of them had sales in addition to the summer sale. Too bad I had to work I could not really benefit of this, I could have used new warm pj’s with this cold weather :(. Even today in Roubaix they closed a street next to our house to have a “Braderie”(clearance sale) in it. It was the first time they do this. I don’t know if they did it because they’re continuing on the week end, or because they usually do it on Sunday next to the Big Station of Roubaix but they were not allowed to do it yesterday because of the big festive week end so they postponed it till today.

I don’t know if you have these clearance sales that they do on the streets in your countries, but in Lebanon we have them. It’s done every Sunday on a big land devoted just for this. But in addition to the cheap stuff you can find in there, you can also find a lot of junk coming from God knows where. My sister had her camera stolen once, somebody told her to go search for it in the Sunday Sale. So I’m not sure if some of the stuff sold in there were really stolen or not. She did not go of course, it’s not the kind of place for a girl to go wonder by herself, but it’s just to give you an idea of what was sold in the Braderie today and the level of poverty in Roubaix, because there were a lot of people in there today buying stuff.

The third sign that vacations are over is the traffic. There are more cars on the road, more people on the streets. I was starting to think that Roubaix is a dead city, but it turned out I was wrong. Look at the roundabout next to our building! I’ve never seen so many cars at the same time in there.

"C'est la rentrée" at the roundabout

Work-wise my project is coming to an end. I will be able to concentrate on the new apartment very soon.

See you tomorrow!



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