Wednesday August 31st, 2011

We have received the internet box today; it arrived straight to Francois’ office. We didn’t need to go to the provider’s office! We just filled an application online and 1 week later we received the box. All we need to do now it install it home and we’re good to go.

In Lebanon this doesn’t work. When they first started DSL internet, everybody wanted to be part of it (of course, compared to dial up this is heaven). So you had to go to the providers’ website, print the application, fill it, and take it in person to their offices to give it to them. In Lebanon they don’t trust the internet. I remember when I got my credit card, I asked the lady if I can use it on the internet; she freaked out, called her supervisor, and he came to explain to me the risk of using a card online. Come on! I’m grown up, I’m a programmer, I know what e-commerce is and what ‘s the risk of using a credit card online!

The other thing I like here in France is the bank service. Not only do they open in the afternoon, but they’re open full day on Saturdays also! Last week I had an appointment at the bank at 4h30 pm! And today the employee responsible of our account called us, ON THE PHONE, only to introduce himself, and to ask us if we had any question. In Lebanon banks are opened till 1pm (some of them till 2pm), and on Saturday they’re opened till 12pm. The employees stay there till 5, doing God knows what (probably filing all the papers they receive during the day (because this needs 4 hours!)) but customers are not allowed in. also, the last time I called my bank, before I came to France, I asked for the person responsible of my account, they said that she does not work in this bank anymore. WHAT?! I’m allowed to know at least! And then when I went in person to meet the new employee I will be working with, this one, just like the other, has first of all entered in my account to “try to know me better”, and then tried to sell me some of the services they have. She had the time to do this while I was at her office, but she did not get the time to call me before and introduce herself to me!! I’m thinking of moving all my money to France just to avoid having this service again 😛

After 4 days at home working and not going out, I had to celebrate the almost-over project I’m working on. What’s best to celebrate with than a beer coming straight from the region (and another from our neighboring country Belgium)?

Celebration beer

I also have pictures of the meal I cooked yesterday. I was too tired at night that I slept early and I did not post them or wrote anything. We had for lunch chicken and potatoes (we missed you on this one Jou). Since we don’t have a tray to cook the chicken and potatoes in the oven, I had to do the chicken in the wok and the potatoes in a small pan. But the result turned out to be really tasty 🙂

Chicken in the wok

Potatoes with herbs

We should be starting to move our things to the new apartment this week end, so stay tuned to find out how this is going.

See you tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Wednesday August 31st, 2011”
  1. Magnésium says:

    You are lucky that your bank branch opens on saturdays

  2. Jou (The Friend) says:

    ooohhhhh Franco didn’t tell me there was chicken and potatoes!!
    If you want the story of why I didn’t come …
    Franco told me that you’ll be moving out soon, so I thought that I’d be moving in …
    Then I thought of all the food I have in my freezer that I had to eat fast before I need to move out!! Coz I can’t take it with me
    Coz, you see? The freezer of the so-called fridge where you are now seems to be built for fast-spoiling food at sub-zero temperature, which really defies the laws of physics … I guess the secret is in the thick layers of frost from water laden with the horrible smell of previously rotten food … it’s a vicious circle really 😛
    So anyway, I ran home and made 1KG of fries (all that was left of the frozen fries I had) ! 😛 and ate it all by myself 😀

    btw, ya3tiki l 3afyeh and congratulations for your work (Y)

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