Thursday September 29th, 2011

What did I tell you yesterday? If I will cook again I will either do it at night, or I will cook something that I know how to do. I applied my plan today: I made stuffed zucchinis again. But this time I used one of the round zucchinis we find here in France (we … Continue reading

Wednesday September 28th, 2011

There was an article in the news here in France about a new product found to be dangerous and thus should be eliminated from the market (you can read the article here). This article made me think about the products forbidden in Lebanon: none that I could think of (if you know any please let … Continue reading

Monday September 26th, 2011

I’m sure you know that France has more than 300 different types of cheese. But what you probably did not know is not all of them are good. They have here, in the north of France, a famous cheese called “Maroille”; they put this in a lot of their traditional meals: quiche with Maroille, maroille … Continue reading

Sunday September 25th, 2011

What a better way to spend Sunday than relaxing at home in your PJ’s? It’s important to do it from time and time; and today was the day. Even though we had plans to continue our tourism in the region, but waking up late didn’t really help it. So we decided to just stay home. … Continue reading

Saturday September 24th, 2011

Shame on me! Two days without writing anything! Maybe because the weather is so nice we’re not feeling like staying home. It’s the world upside down: it’s been sunny for two days in France, and it’s been raining for two days in Lebanon! Can you believe this? You should’ve seen people’s comments on Facebook, they … Continue reading

Wednesday September 21st, 2011

September 21st… fall is officially here. Even though we’ve been feeling its presence since Sunday afternoon: the cold, the gray sky, the headache (due to the change of weather), and the dark mornings. My alarm went off at 7am this morning, it was still so dark I thought it’s gone crazy; it turned out I … Continue reading

Monday September 19th, 2011

One of the things I really envy the French people for are their big green parks. You have seen the view from my apartment window; well this is just a small inner-court garden; if we walk a few meters down our building we get to a very big park called “Park Barbieu”. And also in … Continue reading

Sunday September 18th, 2011

We went to Paris this week end, this is why I was quiet for the last couple of days. But don’t worry, I have a lot of stories to tell you; and in order not to bore you too much I will divide them among the coming days 🙂 When you’re Lebanese in Paris you have … Continue reading

Thursday September 15th, 2011

There’s a show on French TV called “Diner Presque Parfait” (almost perfect diner); it’s a bunch of amateur cooks who invite other amateur cooks for diner. It makes you really feel like cooking. Today I almost did the same for Francois and his French, but it was lunch; and I did not have time to … Continue reading

Wednesday September 14th, 2011

There’s a big scandal in the news here in France now: a lawyer, close to the Elysées, is claiming that several African presidents paid money to Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen to help them during their presidential campaign (you can read more about it here). I know you don’t care about this story, but … Continue reading