Sunday September 4th, 2011

We moved. Actually Francois moved the stuff; I just packed my clothes because I had to work all day again today :(. I promise you tomorrow I will have some pictures of the new apartment ready. So in a few hours we’ll have our first night in our new bed!! Finally! I can’t wait; especially after the tiring last 10 days I had.

The only story I have for today is that they talked about the “Braderie de Lille” on the news tonight. They talked about how people rushed out of the streets because of the rain, they even showed people who came back to their stands today, and it was still raining. But the weird part is that they mentioned that it’s the first time the Braderie had to be shut down because of the weather! This is how you know when someone is just unlucky 😦 Couldn’t it have rained last year, or next year, so that we can enjoy our first (and probably last Braderie)??

And the second sad part is that it turns out the mussels are thrown out on the streets after all the people leave; so you could see the whole piles of empty mussels behind the reporter (can’t imagine what the smell was like 😛 )

I have to go to bed now; my eyes are really hurting. Internet is still not working at home, I’m not sure why. So this means tomorrow I will have to wake up, get dressed, and “come to work”. Haven’t done this for a while, feels weird 😛

See you tomorrow!

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