Monday September 5th, 2011

I “went” to work today. Not to an official office with people, just to the old apartment because internet is still not working in the new one (too much for the praise I gave it a week ago, eh?). But it was a nice feeling: instead of waking up and sitting on the desk in my pj’s, I woke up, got dressed, got into the car and went to the other place. It was as if I was part of the French working society. And then at 6pm, I closed the door, got into the tramway with the other working mates, with their work discussion, and got home. Just like my old routine in Lebanon! But the difference is that in there I drive home alone for 45 minutes, the people around me are all surrounded by steel and glass, whereas in here we all get into the steel and glass bubble and go home (and it takes only 5 minutes). I’m going to miss you public transportation 😦

If somebody who doesn’t know me is reading this, they would feel that we are multi-millionaires with more than one house: one in Dbayeh, Lebanon for our vacations (for now), on in Roubaix, France for work and one in Croix, France where we’re currently living. It’s like the stars: “I have a mansion in Miami that I use when I’m working on a movie, a chateau in Saint Tropez that I go to during the Cannes film festival, and a villa in Bahamas that I use for 2 days with my kids when I want to be out of the sight of the paparazzi”. But the difference is that our house in Dbayeh is on loan that we’ll be paying for the rest of your lives, the apartment in Roubaix got occupied by one of Francois’ colleagues (so it’s no longer ours) and the apartment in Croix is rented until Francois finishes his mission. So not really the super star life, is it?

Last night was our first night in the new bed, but tonight was the first evening we spend at home. We got our first diner on the table (fried eggs with creamy white cheese), and had our first Scrabble game on the new couch (if there’s no TV it means there’s no internet, so it’s the only thing we found to do). Finally we’re at home! We got all our clothes in the closets and the drawers; in the old apartment my clothes stayed in the suitcase they were brought in because there wasn’t any place for them. I still haven’t gotten any pictures as we’re still tidying things. But I will make sure to get them sometime this week.

Fried eggs, white cheese and beer (can't have diner without alcohol :P)

That said, I have to leave you now…I have to go to bed to be able to wake up early tomorrow to go to work 😛

See you tomorrow!


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