Wednesday September 7th, 2011

Do you know how many years of war we had in the 20th century in Lebanon? 75! Do you know how many times we were occupied in the 20th century? 4 times (the Ottoman, the French, the Israelis, and then the Syrians). Do you know how many years of war they had in France? 5-6 maybe (WWI and WWII). Do you know how many times they were occupied? 1 time (by the Nazis). What do we have to remember our wars? Movies, books, memories in our heads and hearts (and soon a museum). What do they have to remember their wars? A bloody siren sound! That they have to run once per month to make sure it does not get ruined, just in case they will need to use it again.

I know I talked about the siren before, but I’m going to keep talking about it as long as I’m here because I’m never gonna get used to this sound, and I’m gonna get freaked out each time I hear it! Let them clean it with wax or something if they want to keep it in shape!! Do we have to hear the sound each time?! Besides, nowadays you do not need it anymore; people can just send a facebook notification about an eminent attack 😛 “Sandra El Khoury is being attacked by the germans! Take cover!”

So today I went to the market. I found a big one on the Croix website that they do every Wednesday and Saturday. Since last Saturday I was busy, and we don’t have any more vegetables and fruits, I went today before coming to work. On the way back home, I took a few pictures of Croix for you to see what a nice place this is and the beautiful houses they have. It’s much more pretty than Roubaix. This is actually a village, whereas Roubaix is more a city.

Inside Croix

Also inside Croix

Beautiful villas with what looks like a big garden in front of it

On the way home

Beautiful house on the way home

Another beautiful house on the way home

Notice the walking area in the picture? The one surrounded by green? This is a pedestrian area in the middle of the avenue. We have a pedestrian area in the middle of the avenues in Lebanon, but it’s not officially recognized as such. In Lebanon pedestrian areas are everywhere. Whenever you feel like walking you can go ahead and do it. Do you want to cross the highway? Go ahead! No need for lines to walk on or light to tell you when it’s safe to walk. Just go ahead, when the drivers will see you they will stop. If they don’t, or they can’t, well… too bad for you…better luck next time 🙂

I am on holiday on Thursday and Friday, and we still not have internet at home so I might not write to you before Monday 😦 But think that on Monday you’ll have plenty to read! 😀

 See you tomorrow!

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