Thursday September 8th, 2011

Look who’s back! You thought you got rid of me and my boring stories for a few days? Well think again! The ISP and France Telecom did not want me to live one day without you 😛 so we received internet at home today!

The other news of the day is that my visa was validated today 😀 I can now stay in France until end of March, and I can move inside the Schenghen as I like.

It’s not always easy to find subjects to talk about, but I have one for today: taxes.

The French government is putting in place a new tax on the drinks with additional sugars (soda’s, energy drinks, etc…). The purpose of this is to fight obesity (hidden reason or not, this is not our interest here); just like they tried to fight smoking when they increased the tax on the cigarettes (which don’t seem to be working too much by the way). If this will be accepted, it will bring the government 120 million dollars by the end of 2012! Who thought that being on diet could fatten that much the government’s pocket!

They should do something like this in Lebanon. The main taxed resource in there is gaz. Each week the prices change, and a big portion of this goes to the government before going to the station owners or the companies. The difference is that gaz is something you cannot live without, whereas cigarettes and sodas you can. As long as they will keep increasing the prices gaz, the end user is gonna have to keep paying more; not to mention that the gaz prices affect everything else on the market. And the funny part is that we never see the results of these revenues anywhere; it’s like they disappear in the air 🙂

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Thursday September 8th, 2011”
  1. Magnésium says:

    What do you mean by “Who thought that being on diet could fatten that much the government’s pocket!”

    • Well yes, if you keep drinking Diet Coke, Coke Max, or all the other drinks based on aspartam, you will be helping the government put more money in their pockets or whatever they put them!
      Isn’t this how life is? Le malheur des uns (diet) fait le bonheur des autres (tax)

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