Saturday September 10th, 2011

Today I drove! For the first time since 1.5 months! It’s been a few days I was feeling that something is missing in my life, and when I got behind the wheel today it all disappeared.

What I great sensation to be behind the wheel. Of course I wasn’t driving a Formula 1 car, it was a small VW Polo, but I can live with this. Plus I wasn’t driving in Beyrouth, so the speed wasn’t the same, but it’s better than nothing.

You have to be VERY patient when you drive in France (or anywhere outside Lebanon): you have to waiiiiit for your turn, even if there are 100 cars coming; you have to wait for all of them before passing. In Lebanon you would just jump in front of the next car and go ahead.

At night we had dinner at a very nice restaurant in Lille called Le Compostelle. I had a very nice and tender lamb medallion with vegetables.

"Médaillon d’agneau rôti, condiment de légumes confits, tagliatelles de courgettes et jus tranché"

Oh, and final story of the day: it was really warm today. Hope it will last till tomorrow but I doubt, it was starting to be windy and chilly when we got home after the restaurant. But at least we got a sunny Saturday. It was nice to just walk around the city in this weather.

See you tomorrow!


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