Sunday September 11th, 2011

When we woke up this morning it was windy and a bit foggy. But we decided to go on with our plan from the beginning of the week: go out and see the country a little bit. So we got dressed, got in the car and went to Calais.

Calais is one of the biggest cities in the Nord-pas-de-Calais region. It’s directly on the Manche Sea. It was really nice to get to see the blue water again. It is also called the French capital of the point lace (“dentelle”); a detour to the museum was obligatory.

I have nothing else to add, I will just show you some of the pictures we took.

Driving to Calais. All green around us


Port of Calais


The Manche

Statue for the saviors of a shipwreck in 1784

Restaurant on the port where we had a lovely lunch

Port of Calais (with its seagulls)

Inside the city


Also Calais


"Cite internationale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais"

Front view of the museum

Close up

Machine that creates the "dentelle"

The drawings that will be generated are on these small pieces of carton

Same machines used since 200 years. The only thing that changed is the mecanism, but the concept no one could change it

See you tomorrow!

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