Monday September 12th, 2011

How do you want me to work when I have such a view from the window?

View from my window

Doesn’t it make you want to write poetry, to draw paintings? I’m joking I am able to work even with this. Poetry and paintings are not my things.

So today was the first day of work from the new apartment. It’s really quiet during the day in here; no cars, no body walking outside, the only things moving are the birds and the trees.

The other new thing today was that we tried the oven that was already in the kitchen. We had for lunch chicken thighs that I put in a plastic bag special for cooking, with potatoes and carrots. All these went in the oven for 25 minutes. Delicious!

Chicken thighs in the bag with potatoes and carrots

In the plate

We were watching TV the other day when, during the commercial, they put an image with Dior written on it, and a countdown. I thought to myself they might be showing us the new Dior fashion show because in Lebanon they do this; after the news, or after the prime-time program, they will put the fashion show of a designer.

When the time came for the Dior thing, we saw Charlize Theron on the screen, we said to each other “waw, she’s gonna walk on the runway! How cool of her?”, and then we realized that we were watching the new ad for the perfume Dior J’Adore! It’s an amazing ad I can tell you; it was worth the teaser and the waiting. It was filmed in the “Galerie des Glaces” in Versailles, one of the most prestigious rooms in the castle, and it was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (well known French director, one of his movies is “Enemy at the gates”).

But can you believe all the fuss for an ad? How much do you think Dior paid to have their ad played for the first time on TV after the news? But you can be sure that it was worth it, it’s one of the best ads I have seen; you can check for yourself.

See you tomorrow!

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