Sunday September 18th, 2011

We went to Paris this week end, this is why I was quiet for the last couple of days. But don’t worry, I have a lot of stories to tell you; and in order not to bore you too much I will divide them among the coming days 🙂

When you’re Lebanese in Paris you have to be careful to what you say because wherever you go you might meet another Lebanese; what can you do, we’re all over the place!

Like for example yesterday we were going to the subway and we heard two lady’s speaking Lebanese in the coffee shop. And then later at night we were having diner in the restaurant of a fancy hotel in Paris when a very sexy woman walks in. A guy with us on the table starts joking that she seems to be a hooker waiting for her customer to come down from his room and meet her, so my sister starts shutting him down telling him that she’s probably Lebanese understanding everything he’s saying because she was giving our table hard looks! (I have to admit that, Lebanese or not, she did look like a hooker with her very short sexy dress with a zipper from top to bottom to speed up the process :p)

And the final encounter happened also last night when we were going back home. We passed by the gas station, and you know that in France it’s self service. One car was in front of us, but the guy decided not to stop at the first pump in line but at the last one; so we passed through him and stopped at the first pump. Of course the guy finished filling his car before us since he came in first, and he started honking because we were closing the road. So my brother in law, who was filling up our car, started yelling at him in lebanese, telling my sister things like “what’s up with this guy, creating the mess and then complaining about it; should I go hit him?” and then next to us there was a guy filling up his motorcycle, who turned out to be Lebanese also! So he started laughing and calming down my brother in law telling him to take it easy! It turned out to be a very funny night with Lebanese people coming across our way.

Stay tuned for more Paris stories :p

See you tomorrow!


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