Wednesday September 21st, 2011

September 21st… fall is officially here. Even though we’ve been feeling its presence since Sunday afternoon: the cold, the gray sky, the headache (due to the change of weather), and the dark mornings. My alarm went off at 7am this morning, it was still so dark I thought it’s gone crazy; it turned out I was the one going crazy. Personally I think French people are crazy. As long as it’s not raining outside, they’re all out playing and doing their sports in shorts while I’m so cold I think it’s not going to be long before I turn the heater on inside the house.

The fall brought with him my two first culinary failures: yesterday and today’s lunch.

Yesterday I felt like making my own pizza. I did not do the dough, I bought it from the supermarket, but I remember how my sister does the sauce, so I tried to follow the instructions she gave me a while ago. Well the dough was hell to work with, I kept trying to expand it and it kept shrinking. Instead of having 1 pizza for two we ended up sharing a pizza for one. And the sauce wasn’t as good as my sister’s; I still don’t know what I did wrong honestly.

First Pizza Test: The dough is so thick that I added sauce to hide the taste a bit

For diner there was still some dough and sauce, I did my second test. It was a bit better because the dough stayed out of the fridge all afternoon so it dried a bit and it was easier to work with. But we eventually discovered that it’s not tasty at all, so part of the problem is from it. I’ll have to ask my mum for her recipe.

Second test: I enhanced the look a bit 😛

The second failure was today’s lunch: another Lebanese dish called “Kebbeh labniyyeh” (kebbeh in yogurt). You remember what kebbeh is, I cooked it before; but today I did it in a yogurt soup. It was a total disaster! Even the Kebbeh were not good; I put too much bourghoul so you could not feel the meet taste anymore. And for some reason the yogurt did not stay in its shape, it got divided into small balls (I read as bit too late on the internet that I should have used corn wheat so that the yogurt keeps its form). The whole result was some savorless soup; too bad because we were looking forward for this meal.

Kebbeh Labniyyeh wanna-be

One thing is sure though, the smell was appealing for cats 😛

The cat waiting next to the kitchen window hoping for his share of kebbeh

I’m not sure what we’ll have for lunch tomorrow, but I hope it will succeed.

See you tomorrow!

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