Sunday September 25th, 2011

What a better way to spend Sunday than relaxing at home in your PJ’s? It’s important to do it from time and time; and today was the day. Even though we had plans to continue our tourism in the region, but waking up late didn’t really help it. So we decided to just stay home.

In the afternoon since it was really nice outside, we thought that it will be a shame to stay in, so we went for a walk in the park next to us, “Parc Barbieux”. It’s one of the biggest and oldest parks in the region. Again 1 hour was retrieved from our life. People do yoga to relax, they should just come and sit in a park and look at trees; I’m sure the effect is much better 😛 I took some pictures while there.

First lake you see when you get in the park (the green on the floor is covering the water)

"Saule pleureur", in english weeping willow tree

"No swimming"; who would want to do it in this thing?

Also in the park

What about an early New Year's kiss?

Roubaix ducks are bigger that Parisien ducks we saw last week 😛

Natural stairs (with stranger ;))

Creepy statue...coming straight from a horror movie

"A la claire fontaine m'en allant promener" (French song)

Semi-cave inside the park

 I should’ve taken pictures of the dogs in the park. I don’t know if I talked about this before, but French dogs are really something. They don’t bark and don’t go around sniffing everybody; all they do is walk in line next to their master and poop. Very polite dogs, so much different from Lebanese dogs. I think it’s all coming from the way people behave regarding them. In Lebanon dogs are “social means”, people get them only to use them to get dates, or to go hunting, or whatever. They don’t like them and treat them like they do here; in here a dog (or any other pet) is like a member of the family, so just like you raise your kids, you raise your dogs, and they grow up to be well-mannered just like their kids are (sometimes even better). So if you don’t like dogs (like me), don’t worry when you see one on the street; it’s not going to come to you, so you can continue to walk normally next to it.

After the walk we came back home and enjoyed the nice fruit salad made from fresh fruits bought yesterday from the market 🙂

Delicious fruit salad made from fresh fruits 🙂


See you tomorrow!

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