Wednesday September 28th, 2011

There was an article in the news here in France about a new product found to be dangerous and thus should be eliminated from the market (you can read the article here).

This article made me think about the products forbidden in Lebanon: none that I could think of (if you know any please let me know).

I remember a few years ago a study was printed in the news papers in Lebanon about the goods containing the chemicals E… that could cause cancer. Do you think these products were removed from the market? Not at all. Whereas for example when Red Bull came to the market in the world, France refused to sell it in its market because they considered that the content can act on the human body like a doping drug (they are now selling it again in France, but only after having changed some content and then added a few instructions on the can).

But it’s not only about edible products; I found a website today where you can go in and check existing risky goods on the market before buying them ( So before you go get a toy for your kid for example, you go into this website and check if this item is between the products that will be removed from the market because of a certain defect, or if it’s one of the items this magazine considers to be dangerous.

In Lebanon we have a customer protection association; they also have a phone number that you can call for example in case you have faced a problem with something you bought. They don’t have a website where they post the complaints they receive, but the good thing is that in the last few years they started processing these complaints. I believe they are moving in the right direction; probably their next step would be a proper website.

On another hand, and always in the area of dangerous products, I cooked today 🙂 I made an “escalope cordon bleu” (meat filled with cheese and ham, soaked in bread crumbs), with mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side.

Today's lunch: Escalope cordon bleu with vegetables

The meal wasn’t bad (at least in my opinion), except that the meat shrank a lot in the oven, so it became really hard to cut, and the mashed potatoes needed more seasoning.

I think I will have to change my strategy in cooking from now on: either cook at night when I have more time to do it and I don’t rush myself to finish on time, or cook easy stuff that I know how to do 😛 I don’t know if you agree with this plan, I know the people tasting my food agree with it 😉

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Wednesday September 28th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    I suggest French Fries with cordon bleu:D
    Keep trying you will get there 🙂

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