Monday September 12th, 2011

How do you want me to work when I have such a view from the window? Doesn’t it make you want to write poetry, to draw paintings? I’m joking I am able to work even with this. Poetry and paintings are not my things. So today was the first day of work from the new … Continue reading

Sunday September 11th, 2011

When we woke up this morning it was windy and a bit foggy. But we decided to go on with our plan from the beginning of the week: go out and see the country a little bit. So we got dressed, got in the car and went to Calais. Calais is one of the biggest … Continue reading

Saturday September 10th, 2011

Today I drove! For the first time since 1.5 months! It’s been a few days I was feeling that something is missing in my life, and when I got behind the wheel today it all disappeared. What I great sensation to be behind the wheel. Of course I wasn’t driving a Formula 1 car, it … Continue reading

Friday September 9th, 2011

I remembered that yesterday I forgot to show you the salad I made for lunch. Since we don’t have pasta anymore to put in the salad to make it a real lunch, I used Quinoa. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a kind of grain but with much more proteins. It’s very good … Continue reading

Thursday September 8th, 2011

Look who’s back! You thought you got rid of me and my boring stories for a few days? Well think again! The ISP and France Telecom did not want me to live one day without you 😛 so we received internet at home today! The other news of the day is that my visa was … Continue reading

Wednesday September 7th, 2011

Do you know how many years of war we had in the 20th century in Lebanon? 75! Do you know how many times we were occupied in the 20th century? 4 times (the Ottoman, the French, the Israelis, and then the Syrians). Do you know how many years of war they had in France? 5-6 … Continue reading

Monday September 5th, 2011

I “went” to work today. Not to an official office with people, just to the old apartment because internet is still not working in the new one (too much for the praise I gave it a week ago, eh?). But it was a nice feeling: instead of waking up and sitting on the desk in … Continue reading

Sunday September 4th, 2011

We moved. Actually Francois moved the stuff; I just packed my clothes because I had to work all day again today :(. I promise you tomorrow I will have some pictures of the new apartment ready. So in a few hours we’ll have our first night in our new bed!! Finally! I can’t wait; especially … Continue reading

Saturday September 3rd, 2011

What a night! WHAT A NIGHT! It’s 1am, I’m sleepy and I’m tired, but I can’t go to bed until I tell you about it. The phrases are running in my head, my fingers are too slow for the words. But I’ll try to tell you the essentials now; maybe keep the rest till tomorrow. … Continue reading

Friday September 2nd, 2011

1 month on the French soil! And 4 months married! Wow time does go fast (it was actually yesterday but after 13 hours of work I was too tired to write anything :(). How many more months to go in here? God knows. I don’t have much more to tell you really, other than I’m … Continue reading