Friday September 30th, 2011

Did you know that in Lebanon we do not have street names and building numbers? We do have street names, but most of them are more known with their common names and not with their official names.

But even with these, the post system works and people still receive letters to their home.

In France all the streets have names, all the building have numbers and all the apartments too.

And even with this, we’re still not able to receive our package from UPS!! :@

If you go into the website, you can see that for three days there has been a problem with our address this is why our package was not delivered. But the fact is that Francois gave them the real address, I called them today and validated it again, but the delivery guy is still not able to find our apartment! Can you believe this? If we were in Lebanon it would have been much easier, we would have received it the same day “Take the Avenue Flandre, the second turn to the right after restaurant “Le Bistrot”, and then again to the right and you’re there”. See? No need for numbers or anything. Just follow the detailed instructions and you get it.

Delivery tracking on the UPS website

But in here they’re not used to think, they take a number and search for this number; if they find it it’s good, if they don’t well they just go back without doing anything. They don’t try to look for it; they have the number they just look for this.

On another hand, you were waiting to know the dish we cooked today didn’t you? Well I’m sorry to tell you that eventually we didn’t do anything. Francois was busy at work so he did not come home for lunch, and I had some left-over’s from yesterday. I’m sorry I have kept you waiting for nothing 😦 I’ll try not to do it again.

See you tomorrow!


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