Saturday October 1st, 2011

Do you remember I told you last week that it was starting to be cold, fall has started?

Well forget about all of this; autumn decided it was not time for it yet, and summer gave it a kick in the butt and stayed in place for a few more days. It’s been really hot last week, and apparently it’s staying like this until Wednesday.

They keep talking on the news about the flowers blossoming again because of the heat and people going back on vacations during the week end to enjoy the sun. If you decided to do the same it was already too late, all the hotels apparently were booked since the beginning of the week. Our neighbor (and her dog) decided to enjoy the sun they have in here and have some tan in the beautiful inner court we have 🙂

The neighbour is getting a sun tan... is her dog

And speaking of joy, it was Francois’ turn to cook today…and as always, everything he does turns out to be semi-gastronomic and delicious 🙂 So he transformed the burger into a very tasty sandwich in a toast (mind you that he prepared the meat himself! This is not just a simple hashed steack, there’s some of kind of magic recipe behind it). Again, I certify that I am the luckiest person on earth 🙂

Francois' tasty burger

See you tomorrow!


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