Sunday October 2nd, 2011

I forgot to mention yesterday that it’s been two months here in France.

You can notice that the number of articles written is the second month is less than the number of articles written in the first one, but don’t worry; I won’t get to a point where I won’t write anymore; in this country, the things to talk about is unlimited…French are my source of inspiration 😛

In celebration of this happy day, we decided to continue our round of tourism in the region and we went to Brussels today.

Only one hour and a half to get there; it felt like going to my village on a summer Sunday for a family lunch. We even had the possibility of sleeping a bit more and leaving home late 🙂

As always I have some pictures for you, this way you can enjoy the best aspects of Brussels as we did: the comic strips, the mussels, the beer, the waffles and the tourists in “La Grande Place” 🙂

On our way to Brussels

The Belgian Comic Strip Center

Gaston Lagaffe statue outside the center

2CV car from the comic strip "Boule et Bill"

Tintin statue with a picture showing Herge the creator of Tintin

Strip taken from Tintin album "Les Bijoux de la Castafiore"

Statues representing Tintin, Capitaine Hadock and Professor Tournesol

Some statue in the center with it's live representative 😛

Quick and Flupke

Lucky Luke

Even the shops have names coming from comic strips

Brussels' new architecture

Lunch: Mussels with fries and belgian beer

Desert: Belgian waffle with ice cream and belgian chocolat

Brussel's Grand-Place

Also in the Grand-place

Entrance of the Brussels’ City Hall

See you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Sunday October 2nd, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Vous n’avez pas eteint une bougie sur la waffle pr mon annif????:P
    i miss our trips sandoura, it brought back memories….

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