Monday October 3rd, 2011

We have a guest at home! Our first sleep-over guest 😀

I don’t know how they do it in France, but I know that in Lebanon the guest is king: you have to make sure nobody leaves your house sad or unsatisfied; just like if you had a restaurant and you’re taking care of your customers.

I hope our “client” will not go spread bad rumors about our hospitality 😛

I should probably try to make some French friends; I’ve never been into the house of French people before, I have the curiosity of knowing how the French behave in their homes. We see them in movies, but it’s always a different experience in real life.

As a reply to my readers’ request, I prepared a Lebanese dish called “Bazella wou Rezz” (green peas stew with rice on the side).

Bazella wou Rezz Test 2

I know I cooked this before, but I have warned you last week that from now on I will be cooking meals I know how to prepare until I get a hand of things.

And as a reply to my readers’ complaint, I forgot to mention last week that the round zucchini I cooked was my sister’s idea; she told me that she does it all the time as she thinks it’s either to cook it instead of the tall ones; so I apologize for this oblivion.

That’s it for today, we have to get some sleep we have a busy day tomorrow to entertain our friend (I hope he’ll find the sofa bed comfortable, we’ve never tried it before :S)

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Monday October 3rd, 2011”
  1. Magnesium says:

    1st guest is the best!

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