Tuesday October 4th, 2011

I think Francois and I chose the worst time and the worst condition to come to France.

When you’re a student in here, you can enter the museums for free; when you’re under 25 or over 60, you can get discounts on train tickets and on several other items.

But when you’re 32 and working, what do you get? Nothing! Nada! Mashi!

You have to pay full price for train tickets, for lunch and dinner in restaurants, for tourism places, etc… you stand up in line with the others, watch them get their discounts, and you’re there paying your full price.

I agree with the offers for students, don’t get me wrong; but why should it be applied everywhere? Like for example train tickets: why would students get special prices and not us? Do they travel more? I don’t think so. Is it because we’re working we can afford the full price? We might, but it doesn’t mean that we can do it every week.

But nevertheless, things in here are much different than what we have in Lebanon. In there you do not dream of special prices for students or even for senior, on anything; it’s not in our habits. Lebanese try to make the best out of everything; if they can sell 100 items for 10$, why would they sell them for less and make less money? The government does not help companies in need, so you have to help yourself. And if it means trying to make profit out of anything, then you have to do it, because in times of crisis nobody is gonna come give you a hand; you have to dig in the earnings you made before to get out of the crisis, or else you’re doomed.

So if you’re French and want to come to Lebanon to study, or you’re retired and Lebanon is among your list of places to visit before you leave this world, don’t count on getting some special treatment anywhere; you’re just like everybody else…welcome to the grown ups world 😛

See you tomorrow!


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