Thursday October 6th, 2011

Beirut International Film Festival has started yesterday.
This is a festival that shows some international and national movies, and at the end the jury distributes prizes to the Lebanese and Arab ones in competition.

When I’m in Lebanon I wait for this festival impatiently. This is the only time when we can watch world, low budget movies and not only American block busters. Some of these might have made some noise when they were out in other countries, but we will never see them in our theaters…well just because they are not to the taste of the Lebanese.

The bad thing is that now I’m not in Lebanon so I will not be able to attend the festival. But the good news is that I’m in France where I can watch these movies in the theater. I do not have to rush and book my place to the best movies because seat are limited and some of these will go only once; I can go any day, I’m sure the movie will stay for at least two weeks in the theater. Out of 24 international movies that are played this year, there are 6 I’m sure they are, or were, in the theaters here in France. There might be more I’m not sure.

Yesterday it was Francois turn to cook. On the menu: fish with rice.

Fish filet with Francois' secret sauce and rice on the side

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Thursday October 6th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Chou secret sauce??? We wanna know!!!! I don’t like fish like this but it seems yummy….

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