Friday October 7th, 2011

Whichever shop you go into in France, whether they sell clothes, shoes, it’s a pharmacy, a supermarket, etc… they all have Fidelity cards. They give you points, they allow you to get discounts and gifts on special days, and they are there to make sure you will come back to the shop again.

The main point is that everybody have them, your wallet won’t be able to hold anymore cards. I’m still waiting for the guy that sells me my vegetables in the market on Saturday to offer me a fidelity card! “Do you have our fidelity card Madame? You will get a free cucumber next time you come to our shop!”

And the worst thing is that you cannot not have them; it’s not the shop that’s obliging you, it’s your conscience! “10% discount on the 3euro lipstick?…hmm…that’s worth it! Ok, I’ll do it! Where do I fill the application?”

In Lebanon the habit is still not there; competition between shops is not yet in people’s minds. Some big malls created a fidelity card system, but it doesn’t give you much privileges. You only get things like: you’re notified of the sales 1 day before the rest of the world, or you’re allowed to park for free in the mall’s parking… for some of them you have to be a very special client to get access to the discounts or offers (special meaning that you have to go there almost every day and make sure you buy something in order to get the points that will make you closer to the “Important people’s chair”).

In my blog, don’t worry: you’re all privileged and all are very special readers. And since you’re all faithful to the daily lunch ideas and wait for them day after day, you won’t be disappointed today 🙂

It was my turn to cook, so I made chicken with potatoes cooked in the oven. Even though they took more time to prepare than expected, and Francois got back late to work because he had to wait for them to be done, they were delicious! I think I got back my hand in cooking 🙂

Chicken with Potatoes...I can still smell them and taste them...

See you tomorrow!


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