Monday October 10th, 2011

We have a new guest this week!

But it’s a different kind. Last week it was a friend taking a class in Lille so he needed a place to crash. So we spent the 2 nights at home, eating, drinking and chatting about anything till late hours. This week it’s our cousin coming from Lebanon for a visit and vacation. So it’s a totally different challenge.

When you have someone sleeping over, you just have to make sure the bed and the whole stay is comfortable enough; don’t forget that they have to wake up early like you and go to work, but the difference is that you’re sleeping in your bed, they’re not. So you have to try and give them this home feeling as much as possible (I think we accomplished this with our friend because he’s already talking about the next time he’ll be here :P)

When you live in a different country and you have a relative (or a friend) coming from home for a visit, this is totally different. Not only you have to make sure their stay is comfortable, but you have to share your new life with them; after all they’re here because they miss you and they’d like to see how you’re spending your days now.

So we didn’t do our usual tourism this Sunday, instead we prepared for our cousin’s trip for the week: where we would like to take her, what she should see in the area, etc… so we made a small program for her (not final, she can chose to go with it or not , after all it’s a free country :)).

For her first night in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, we took her out for diner in La Fonderie (remember I talked about this before). Since we liked it so much the first time, we thought it will be a nice way for her to start her trip.

Stay tuned to see what we have prepared for her for tomorrow, and stay tuned to find out if she also is going to be talking about her next visit 🙂

 See you tomorrow!

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