Tuesday October 11th, 2011

Steve Jobs is dead. I’m not here to cry about the guy or anything, this is not what my blog is about anyway (and the guy has been dead for a week, I know). I’m here to tell you about how French people saw the death of this person. While the whole world was crying, the French had a different opinion about it.

We were watching the news on TV on Saturday at 1pm, and after it there was a program that talks about the week’s highlights. So last week’s main event was the death of Mr. Jobs. The reporter wasn’t sad or anything, he was insulting; you should see for yourself to believe it. He started saying things like “Jobs is not an innovator, a French movie director came up with the same idea 40 years ago in a documentary he filmed; this is the real creator of the objects Jobs came up with”.

You’re going to tell me that it’s one guy’s opinion, it does not reflect the opinion of a million other. You might be right, but first of all this is a reporter: when did they stop being objective? When was the rule of objective journalism banned from this world?

Second, it might not show the opinion of a million other on this subject in particular, but it shows you an important aspect of the French mentality: arrogant. The reporter was rude enough to say “where’s the originality in this? One of us found the idea before”. If it’s true then why hasn’t one of you guys implement it? After you watch the small documentary you feel like you’re watching a kid bullying his friend “you know karate? Well my dad is stronger; he has a black belt in Kong Fu”. But in this situation it’s a kid, it’s not a journalist talking on national TV about a dead guy!

The program has a lot of other bad things, but this was something that stroked me the most because it reflects this special characteristic. And it’s not only in here, you see this everywhere: “The Germans are selling more cars? Well our cars are better”; “The Germans are helping the Greeks? Well our banks are in debts because we helped them before!”

It’s probably one of those features found only in people coming from super power countries; I wouldn’t know, I’m coming from a Third World Country 😛

And speaking of Third World Countries, where do you think we took our lovely Lebanese cousin to dinner tonight? Could we let her come to the North of France without taking her to have some mussels with fries and beer? Of course not!! It would have been a shame 🙂

Stay tuned for the big surprise we’re preparing for her tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!

7 Responses to “Tuesday October 11th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    ou sont les photos des plats et des restos??? et tu as raison they think allah khala2on w kassar el 2elib:P naggers lol

  2. Magnesium says:

    I like the: “you know karate? Well my dad is stronger; he has a black belt in Kong Fu” (the old cocacola ad inspired you, right?)

    The guy was a genius and everyone is paying him tribute so it might not be the right decent moment to demystify him at least not publically.

    However the other perspective is always good, it forces us to look to the whole picture.

    Tania: France as a country stepped-up against US invasion in Irak, while all-might US and Brits went in (with strong population back-up!), you cannot say that this reporter is France.

    • tania says:

      My opinion has nothing to do with the french political views of things, they did other mistakes in different places, politically no one is clean, if we want to see it this way. To clear it up, It was just my opinion on french people regardless of politics and this reporter, you know my opinion long time ago:P Who said I like americans and Brits?
      And yeah they do nag:)

    • Hahaha I knew you were gonna like it, I thought about you while writing it 🙂

  3. Magnesium says:

    I thought you were judging french people in general (aren´t you?)

    So I suggested to judge french people on official critical situations such as Iraki war for example (much more than politics, it is about world justice and this decision was very popular among all french)

    I didn´t say you like americans and brits (why don´t you?)

    🙂 (this blog rocks!)

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