Wednesday October 12th, 2011

It’s not every day that one has the pleasure of celebrating his birthday in a different country, and especially it’s not every day that one turns 30!!!

So today was our cousin’s birthday, and we tried to make it memorable for her as much as possible; I hope we succeeded. I remember my 28th birthday I spent it in France with my friends (I wasn’t living here back then), and it’s one of the best birthdays I ever had!

Birthdays should definitely start with cake. Different kinds are found here, some we have never heard of, but we preferred not to risk it on this special occasion 🙂

Birthday muffin-cake (can't have more, we're going out for dinner)

A birthday in France should definitely also include champagne (after all it’s so much cheaper in here that you tend to not consider it as a luxury item :P).

French champagne (in wine glasses I know, but it's all we have :P)

The second phase of the birthday was diner: we took our cousin to try the regional Flammenkuche with local beer (what else? (oups sorry this is for something else :P)).

Flammenkuche (notice the beer samples in the back)

If you’re wondering what this is, this is some sort of pizza but with a lighter dough and the ingredients on top usually are local products (like bacon or Maroille cheese).

But after having drank too much champagne and too much beer, and ate so much, we decided to skip the third phase of the birthday: the dancing. Even though we should have probably done it to help us digest, but a new day is expecting our cousin tomorrow so she preferred to cancel it.

So what do you think? Was it a birthday worth remembering? I have the feeling our cousin enjoyed it 🙂

"My cousins gave me the best birthday EVER!" 😛

See you tomorrow!

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