Sunday October 16th, 2011

What a sprint we did tonight to catch the train! We almost threw up the crepes we had for diner. This will teach us not to be greedy and have 2 crepes instead of 1 (how could we skip the Nutella chocolate one?)

Actually the whole week end was a sprint.

On Saturday we were touring our cousin in Paris, so of course when you’re in this city it’s a constant rush against time; especially if it’s your last night there and there are still a lot of things for you to see.

Our day started with a peak at one of the street markets they do on saturday (how could she go without taking home a few bottles of wine and some cheese? (well wrapped don’t worry :p)).

Then we had lunch at a very fancy restaurant in the middle of Paris next to Le Pont Neuf, called Le Kong. It turned out to be a very touristic place (none of the guests were speaking French) but the food was very nice.


Inside Le Kong


Starter (mix of Japanese and French tastes)


My plate:Duck magret with a kumquat sauce and rice on the side

After that we went to Notre Dame de Paris and Sacre-Coeur, two of my personal favorite places in Paris.


Notre Dame de Paris (can you see the hunchback? :P)


Sacre-Coeur (with its tourists)

After this it was another rush to catch the (too crowded) subway to go watch a musical we had already booked.


Paris Subway on a sunny Saturday evening


Dracula, the musical we watched on Saturday.

After all this we went straight to bed, our cousin had an early plane to catch…but our rush did not stop here.

After a very long Saturday, we could not wake up early on Sunday; so we overslept and woke up at noon. It’s no problem you might say…well yes it is because we had lunch plans with our friends at one and from my sister’s house everything needs at least 30mins to get to it. So again, it was a rush to get dressed, hop on the subway and get to the restaurant (30 mins later but I’m sure they will forgive us :p)

And of course at the end it was the big run to get into the train on time. Thank God we’re home now, bathed and in bed ready for a good sleep before starting a new busy week.

See you tomorrow!

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