Monday October 17th, 2011

It’s now midnight and it’s 13 degrees outside…during the day it was 16…tomorrow during the day it’s going to be 12.

Do you know what are these temperatures? It’s the ones we get in Lebanon in December, sometimes also in January. In here in Croix it’s the mid-October temperature. I wonder what it will be like in December and January. Tonight I realized that the airplane ticket to Beirut I got for december is actually really cheap; if it means getting a bit warm in the middle of winter, well I’ll gladly spend my money on this!

By the way we got the heater on tonight for the first time; I doubt we’ll be turning it off anytime soon. Cousin, I’m sure you’re feeling lucky now that you came here last week when it was a bit warm šŸ˜›

Nothing better than some carb’s, with tomato and hot tabasco sauce to get the blood working again and the heat back into your inner organs šŸ™‚


Today’s lunch (Francois my love you made my day with it)

I’m sure you’re thinking this lady is boring us with her weather stories each week…I promise you I won’t be speaking about this for some time šŸ™‚

See you tomorrow!

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  1. […] have turned the heater off at home I went through my old posts, and found that we turned it on on October 17th!! 7 months!! I’m sure that’s a record; 7 months of heater in Lebanon is like 7 months […]

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