Thursday October 20th, 2011

Yesterday was Depression Day in France (maybe this is why I had a terrible headache and could not write you anything :P)

There was an ad on the TV about it: 18% of the French are depressed!!! Can you believe it? What are they depressed about I wonder.

It’s  not like they had 15 years of civil war, and their country is still not over it yet. It’s not like they haven’t had a proper government for the last 30 years. It’s not like they don’t have proper retirement plans, or work laws… I will spare you the remaining of the list.

You’re going to tell me that they have their own problems; they’re not the same as ours but they are problems anyway (economic crisis, increased taxes, higher unemployment rate, etc…). That’s true. But the funny part is that the most depressed are not the ones touched by these! Do you remember the France Television issue last year? Some employees tried to commit suicide just because the company was doing some restructuring. In France Telecom it was even worst! Around 20 employees did actually commit suicide in there because the company was going through financial crisis and was eliminating a few jobs.

But in France it’s not in Lebanon! You get fired you get paid! They don’t throw you on the street with nothing. And then if you’re unemployed, the government gives you alimony to help you survive. It’s not much I know, but think that in some countries you have none of these things! This should be a reason for you not to be depressed isn’t it?

If you really want to be joyful and not to be part of the 18%, you have to meet Blanche. This is my new friend, she came for a visit today (sorry you can’t really see her face because she was so excited she met me that she couldn’t stand still for the picture:P)

Blanche my new friend 😛

And if you want to be even more joyful, you have to see what I cooked yesterday 😀 Crepes filled with chicken, cheese and ham. Delicious.

Crepes filled with chicken, ham and cheese (and some cheese spread on top)

And if you want to get to the Nirvana of joy, you can take a look at what we had for lunch today: 100% Lebanese lunch. It had a Lebanese soup called Kishk (fermented mixture of bulgur wheat and yogurt to which you add water) and small kebbeh balls (by the way this is how kebbeh should actually look like, and not the way I do it :P)

Thank you mother-in-law for this delicious lunch

Stay tuned to find out the level of hapiness we’ll get to in the coming days 🙂

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Thursday October 20th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    hahah I likeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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