Saturday October 22nd, 2011

It’s the week end finally! And a cold one indeed!

Temperature in the car at 9AM

Temperature in the car at 10PM

We shopped for a hat and gloves today. I’m not a hat person usually, but my head is freezing from the inside down till my skull. I thought that even if I had to look like a weirdo, I need to keep my highest (and most important) part warm; so I went and bought a hat (first hat I buy in my life).

The weird thing is that even though it was really cold, Lille was buzzing with people. As long as it’s sunny, they don’t care; they just have to get out of home.

I have also noticed that it’s a trend here to spend an evening at each other’s place, instead of going out. Whenever we go to Lille on a Friday or Saturday night, I see a group of (usually) youngsters with a bottle of wine or other type of alcohol, going to one of their houses. And we always hear music coming out of some apartment on the street; it must be that someone is having a home party.

This is not common in Lebanon, mainly because we all live with our parents until we get married. So if you want to have a party on Friday or Saturday night, you can’t tell your friends to come over (unless you don’t mind your parents being there with you :P). The plan is to go out to a bar or a pub; we all know we have a lot of those in Beirut; there’s a new one that opens each week (maybe even more I’m not sure).

Francois and I are living the French trend also, but with us it’s Sunday lunch and not Friday’s drink: our friend is inviting us to another Lebanese lunch tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what he has planned for us (we don’t know either, it’s a surprise. But it must be something nice because he left us early this afternoon to go cook :P).

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Saturday October 22nd, 2011”
  1. Claudia says:

    Well missy u should get used 2 hats n 4 sure u won’t look like a weirdo!!! I’m a hat addict so ma besma7lik :ppp oh and where is the pic with that hat on?? :pp enjoy ur lunch! mmmmmwa

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