Sunday October 23rd, 2011

Today was the Rugby World Cup Final; France was playing against New Zealand, and the later won.

It seems this sport is really important in this country; the French team is one of the best apparently, so I said to myself that I should watch this final match (usually I’m not a sports person). It was the first rugby game I ever watch. Francois explained some of the rules to me, and eventually I found it really fun to follow.

I got so interested in the game that I went online and started searching for more info, history of the game, of the world cup, etc… and guess what I found? We have a National Rugby Team in Lebanon!!! Waw! I didn’t know this. I knew that one of the universities planned games from time to time with the old UN troops in South Lebanon, but I did not know we had a national team, and they play constantly! Like for example in 2008 they played against UAE and won 48-18! Did we know about this? Not at all! Even though they were playing in Lebanon!

You have to know that sport is not really important in Lebanon; the government does not help any of the games; all the clubs (whether in football, basketball, and apparently rugby) are all funded by private parties. At one time, basket ball was the trend; we had good teams, everybody watched, the teams played in international tournaments and won; everybody was happy, we celebrated, the day after was stated as a day off so that the whole nation can wake up from their drunkenness.

And that was it; people got bored from this trend and moved to something else…just like everything in Lebanon.

One thing Lebanese do not get bored of is eating 😛

Remember I told you our friend is inviting us for Lunch today? The surprise menu was Falafel. One of the advantages of having a shop selling your country’s goods in the area where you’re living is that you can have a taste of your home even if it’s for less than one hour. Here are a few pictures for you to share this experience with us 🙂

Fried Falafels


Final result, everything put on the bread, ready to be rolled and eaten

For desert: Nammoura

See you tomorrow!

One Response to “Sunday October 23rd, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Vive les kiwissssssss!!!!!!:)

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