Tuesday October 25th, 2011

I’m sorry I didn’t write to you yesterday, I was busy talking to my sister on Skype.

Have you ever thought about how travelling has become easier nowadays? I’m not only talking about the trip, but also nowadays you can easily pick up a phone or open a laptop and talk to your close ones every day.

Lebanese people travelled a lot in the old days (they still do it till now), mainly because of war, social and economical crisis, so you hear a lot of stories about people who have a great uncle or a relative in Bresil they don’t know anything about because this person left in the beginning or in the middle of last century and he just lost communication with his home country.

But nowadays this doesn’t happen anymore. Whether you’re at home or thousand kilometers away, you just know everything taking place there and everybody else just knows everything taking place with you. You do not have to send a pigeon or a throw bottle with a letter in the sea and hope it will get to its destination, and you don’t have to pick up a phone and hope for a connection and at the end pay your monthly salary just to say hello to your parents. With the internet and new technologies everything is much easier. So you can call your friends once per week, or chat with them online, or even send them an email to find out about their happenings; you can even write a blog about your daily life and all they have to do is read it, and they’ll know your happenings! See how easy life is becoming? 🙂

So regarding our culinary news for the last couple of days, Francois and I are still trying new recipes from the book we got from my sister. We’re hoping to have tried all the recipes before we leave 😛 so these are pictures of yesterday and today’s lunches (note that both were very nice; the only problem was that we should’ve done something other than rice with the calamari because it wasn’t that plentiful).

Monday's lunch: calamari with tomato and basil sauce and rice on the side

Today's lunch: roast beef with vegetables

See you tomorrow!  

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