Thursday October 27th, 2011

My mum did not work; her job was to take care of her four kids.

So every meal she cooked, every homework she helped us prepare, she took her time to do it and she did it with love and care.

Women nowadays almost all of them have a job. They don’t have time to cook or sometimes even to take care of their kids! When they finish work they’re too tired to do anything, so it’s either pre-prepared food, or cooking done very quickly, or (and this is the most common solution among the people in my surrounding in Lebanon, and the solution I went to when I was still at home) they get their mum to cook for them and their family.

Ever since I moved to France, I don’t have my mum living 2 minutes away from me; I have to find a way out if I don’t want to spend one year eating frozen or fast food (and have the risk of becoming obese ;)). The plan was, you guessed it, to do the cooking myself. Poor Francois he’s been the “cobaye” in the story, trying all sorts of tastes (and not always liking them that’s for sure :P).

So when you’re a new cook, and with not too much time to experience new flavors or new techniques, you have to go back to your source and search in there for lunch ideas (and of course try to cook them with the limited resources you might find in a foreign country).

All this introduction to tell you that on Saturday while we were in the market I saw swiss chard leaves, and one of the best Lebanese entrées for me is Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves. But of course this takes too much time to prepare (you have to do the stuffing alone, cook the leaves, cut them into portion and then roll them with the stuffing to make small cigars…), and with my work and Francois’ work none of us has time for this. So we decided to innovate, and transform this into a meal we can enjoy even if it doesn’t have the look we’re used to. Of course I took a picture for you to see the end result. What do you think? Is it still tasty even though it doesn’t look like it would in your mum’s kitchen or in a Lebanese restaurant? 🙂

Revisited Stuffed Swiss Chard leaves (tastes as good as my mum's :P)

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Thursday October 27th, 2011”
  1. tania says:

    Chef Sandraaaaa!! Do a cookbook while revisiting dishes:P

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