Monday October 31st, 2011

Tomorrow is the All Saints day; it’s a public holiday here in France.

And since the holiday is coming on a Tuesday, it is custom in here to link the day off to the week and thus enjoy a long 4 days week end (they also do it when the holiday is on a Thursday!). Monday is not officially a day off, but if you got to the offices and work places, it’s all empty; no one works on these days. And even if there are people at work they’re barely doing anything: their mind is on the vacation 😛

We all like to enlarge our week end, and we all do it whenever we get the chance. But in here they ALWAYS do it; whichever the holiday is, the 4-days break is an obligation. And then they complain that the country is in debt! Maybe if you worked more you would make more money (try to listen to your president for once ;))

See you tomorrow!



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