Friday November 4th, 2011

Did you know that French cuisine is part of the country’s Cultural Heritage? Unesco added it in 2010, along with Mexican food and Mediterranean diet.

The problem is that you do not feel this unless you go to a two or plus star restaurant, managed by one of the country’s big chefs. But if you’re a normal person going to a normal restaurant you do not feel you’re having something worth inheriting (starting with the waiters’ service, but this is a subject for another time).

I’m not saying that it’s the same in all the restaurants; we’ve had some very nice meals in very nice (and sometimes very small) places, not even mentioned in the Michelin guide. But my point is that if I think my cuisine is worth mentioning as an important aspect of my country, why not try to show it all the time and to everybody, not just to the people who can afford the two-plus star restaurants! And this way the tourists can feel this wonderful facet of France wherever they are and whatever they are eating. How will they do this you will ask? I don’t know, let them figure it out! Or better yet, why don’t you give me a few ideas and I will forward them to “Nicolas” 😛

Look at Lebanon for example: we do not need Unesco to come and tell us what’s important to our country. All it has to offer are restaurants, pubs, rooftop bars and war souvenirs. Do you see, food is there by default 😛

And look at me, I do not have stars and I’m not graduated from any of the fine cooking schools in here, but I know how to turn a left-over dish into something tastier and more appealing than what it looked like the day before 😀


See you tomorrow!

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