Thursday November 10th, 2011

Be careful Ladies and Gentlemen; greetings in France are totally different from what you’re used to.

When you meet a girl (or a woman), it is custom here in France, to give her two kisses on the cheeks (they call it “se faire la bise”); whether you’re a girl or a boy, you should do this. When you meet a boy (or a man), the greeting in this case is with a handshake.

This is totally different from the practice in Lebanon. For us, first of all kissing is mainly between girls, and second it’s only with people you know. Like for example when I see my friend I would give her a kiss; but I wouldn’t do it for a girl I just met; in this case a handshake is more used.

Of course in my case kissing is never an option; this is something I prefer to stay away from :P. So for me the most common practice is the handshake. But now that I’m in France this is a bad habit. Each time I meet someone I directly put my hand upfront; but they’re faster, they just get closer and give me “la bise”. What can I do, I suppose I will have to get used to this while I’m here; I’m not going to change all their history and tradition.

Do you have some funny stories that happened with you or someone you know related to this matter? I would love to hear about them! Just click on the “Leave a Comment” link and write your story 🙂

We have a day off tomorrow; I’m so glad I’m going to be getting some sleep finally! But don’t worry I will keep posting you with our latest updates (especially that I left you lose for two days this week, I have to make up for it :P)

See you tomorrow!


6 Responses to “Thursday November 10th, 2011”
  1. Magnesium says:

    “La bise ” is a good ice breaker

  2. TheFriend says:

    Il faut surtout ne pas confondre “la bise” avec le verbe “baiser” 😛

  3. Tony says:

    La bise est le moyen de transmettre la grippe

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